Ice Fishing Augers

The Ice fishing auger is probably the most valuable tool that you can bring along with you if you are planning on heading out onto the ice to catch some fish.

It comes in many different shapes and sizes, but they all to the same thing, drill. With out an ice auger, you are going to find yourself sing a rock to smash your way through the ice. There is also the hand saw, if you are so inclined, but those aren't nearly as fun as just drilling a hole where ever you want.

The ice fishing auger in its most basic form is just a large screw that in most cases is powered by human strength. There is also the mighty gas powered ice auger. This monster is usually used for construction purposes but you can also rev it up and tear through the thickest ice that you can imagine. The gas powered ice auger is usually carried onto the ice in the back of a pickup truck and because the ice is thick enough to carry that truck, at least 12 inches thick, ice anglers need a more powerful tool for getting through the ice.

In case you are getting too rough with this favored tool, there are several companies that sell augers with replaceable tips. No matter how hard the ice gets, these freshly sharpened blades are going to be able to chomp through anything that is in their path.

No matter what kind of ice fishing auger that you choose, those delicious fish are going to have no where to hide as long as you are able to keep poking holes wherever your gut directs you.

Gas vs. Human Powered Ice Fishing Augers.

If you are going to be out and drilling through any depth of ice then you are going to need an ice fishing auger. What this is, is basically a screw shaped device that drills through ice for you.

There are two main kinds of ice fishing augers. One is gas powered, which is heavy and cumbersome but great at drilling through any depth of ice. The other kind of ice fishing auger is human powered. This is a much lighter ice screw, that is more portable but can really tire you out if you are going to be drilling through a foot or more of solid ice.

The choice between these two pieces of gear depends on your own needs. If you have a truck or a snowmobile that can tow a sled of gear then I would recommend getting yourself a nice gas powered auger because the chances are pretty high that you will be going onto very thick ice. A human powered ice fishing auges would be more practical in a situation where you have a long walk to your ice fishing hole.

Another reason why gas powered ice screws are great is the fact that if you are not getting any bites at your current hole you can very easily just move to a new location and quickly pop a new hole in the ice.

So know matter what your choice of auger is, keep these important facts in mind and you will be making your life just that much easier.

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