Ice Fishing Bait

If you are an angler of any type then you are going to need the right bait for the situation. Ice Fishing is no different. There are many options in lures and jigs but the best and most reliable for catching the largest numbers of fish has always been a nice stinky live bait.

Lures come in many shapes, styles and sizes but the kind that you are going to want for ice fishing is specifically designed for jigging instead of being dragged through the water. These kinds of ice fishing lures are tied on the top and other than that are extremely similar to regular trawling lures.

For live ice fishing bait you can use anything that you can think of. This includes worms, maggots and other stuff like minnows. If you are not near a bait shop then you can always get your own bait by just going to a grocery store and buying a can of corn. Corn is a surprisingly good bait for catching fish.

If you have completely removed yourself from civilization then you are going to need to find your own bait. This is easier than you think because you can just use the discarded pieces of last nights fish dinner. This would be eyes, guts, brains and all of those nasty bits. You can also find worms and other wiggly bait under rotten logs and places like that in the nearby forests.

Another option is to just collect your own ice fishing bait from home. There are worm farms that you can make to just grow your own but the best option is to just wait until a rainy day. On that rainy day all that you are going to need to do is head out to your driveway or side walk and you will see that there are worms all over the place. Welcome to my rainy day tradition. Once you have gathered your bait you are also going to have to keep it alive. To do this just put some dirt in with the worms to keep them happy. Be sure to keep that dirt wet or you are going to lose your live bait and are going to be trying to convince the fishes that they want to eat a rotten old piece of crap worm.

Now that you have learned all that you can about ice fishing bait, it is time to get outside and have a great time digging through the mud, dirt and forest litter in search of some delicious morsels of bait that your desired prey is going to love (until the hook sets).

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