Ice Fishing Decoys

If you are looking to do some ice fishing this winter season, then you are definitely going to have to consider using an ice fishing decoy. Some ice anglers out there might consider using decoys to attract fish to be cheating, but the rest of you know that if you aren’t cheating, you aren’t really trying hard enough. Thanks for the inspiration coach.

Ice fishing decoys can take any shape that you can think of. You are going to want to pick the decoy that resembles the food of the type of fish that you want to catch. Some decoys are sexually attractive to fish and will bring all of the amorous fish flocking to your ice hole to enjoy some fishy loving. More common shapes for decoys include frogs, fish, crayfish and insects.

A lot of anglers have made a bit of a fortune by selling their decoys. It is only in recent times that fishing decoys have been considered folk art. They are often hand carved and one of a kind. Although the sculptor is unknown, they still have an artistic value that collectors and folks with an eye for art will appreciate. Generally, if you are looking to acquire some fishing decoys for resale, or for your own collection, you are going to want to find really old decoys. The older ones seem to have more value than the more modern ones.

In some areas, like Minnesota, attaching hooks to your ice fishing decoys is illegal. This is not only considered cheating by your fellow anglers, but also by the local government. If you are unsure of the local laws in your State, Province, or Territory, I strongly suggest that you look it up before you get fined for something that is easily avoidable.

Ice fishing decoys are best used while you are ice fishing with a spear. This is due to the fact that during your spear fishing, you are not going to have anything in the water to attract the attention of the cold fish that might be passing by. Fishermen use these lures to bring in some big catches by jigging the string which makes the decoy look more real that just something sitting in the water and not making the same movement that fish food would. The decoy could be tied to the roof of your ice fishing hut or even a stick that is angled over the hole. This way the angler can play with the string while leaning over their ice hole with their spear ready to strike.

So now that you know a bit more about these invaluable inventions you can use decoys to lure that trophy winning catch into your catch bucket. So good luck and happy hunting.

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