Ice Fishing Spears

Since the dawn of man kind, humans have been hunting with spears. No one really know just how old of a tool the trusty spear is, but I can tell you that humans are not the only one to use it. There are chimps that use spears to pull tasty termites out of old logs, and even some smart birds like the crow has been found to use a barbed thorn to pull delicious grubs out of their hiding holes.

If these bird brains can use a spear, then so can you. The first thing that you need to know about ice fishing with a spear is that you need the right kind of spear. Preferably, the pointy end should be metal and corrosion resistant. It is going to be we for a lot of the time that you are using it so corrosion resistance is an absolute must while spear fishing.

Another key feature that you want to consider while choosing your ice fishing spear is the barbs on the pointy bits. Spear fishing is not a catch and release activity, so if you don’t plan on using the frosty fish that you catch, then you may want to consider a different technique when you are out ice fishing. The barbs on the end of the spear are going to hold the fish in place while you are pulling it out of the water. If the spear did not have these, then you would just be poking holes in the poor fish as the swim past your ice hole.

The handle of your ice fishing spear can be made of any thing that you want it to be. I personally prefer just a wooden broom handle that screws into the spear tines because if it breaks, I can easily just steal a new one from the wifes broom closet.

When you are ice fishing with a spear you are going to have to make the hole in the ice a lot larger then you normally would. The hole size is dependent on the types of fish that you are planning on catching. If you are going for some thing small like a trout, you can just use the hole that a one foot auger would provide you. However, if you are out looking to spear yourself some monster fish, then you might want to consider an ice saw and cut a big rectangle in the ice. Your fish are going to be coming out of the water sideways, so in this case, a bigger hole is a better hole.

One trick that many ice fishermen use while spear fishing is to have a darkened ice fishing hut above the hole that they cut. This technique leads the fish into thinking that there is no hole in the ice and they can just swim around freely with no cares in their fishy little brains. Until they meet you.

The only downside to ice fishing with a spear is that you are going to have to be staring at your ice hole for a long time, waiting for a fish to get in range of your deadly fish spear. This drawback causes many ice anglers to just stick with their trusty tip ups, but if you are infinitely patient, then spear fishing through ice might just be the right sport for you.

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