Ice Fishing Equipment

There are so many pieces of ice fishing equipment that you might get lost trying to wrap your head around them. Luckily for you, I am here to carefully explain what each piece is all about and why you are going to need it, or not.

The first thing that you are going to absolutely need to have if you are heading out into the cold climates is some warm clothes. This includes gloves, hat, thermal undies, and thick socks. If you are smart, you will bring an extra pair of socks with you. This also includes some emergency supplies like one of those thermal sheet things, it only weighs a few ounces and might just save your life.

Speaking of emergency supplies, there are a few good things that you want to bring with you on your expedition, just in case you run into some trouble. I always recommend some ice spikes to wear around your neck. These are to help you get some grip on the ice and haul yourself out of the drink if you happen to fall in. A cell phone is a must have for any situation that you are going to need help with. The best emergency supply that you can possibly have though, is a healthy knowledge of what to do in different survival situations. I am giving away all of this info for free here so don't bother going to the library to learn about it.

One of the few problems with ice fishing is actually getting to the best location. Sometimes it is through miles of forest and across vast lakes. The best way to traverse these distances is obviously by snowmobile. If for some reason you can not afford a snowmobile, there are a few other good options for travelling to your favorite ice fishing location. You can also use cross county skis or like many frosty outdoors men and women have chosen for countless generations, the common snowshoe. I know that you are thinking of those old timer, monstrous tennis rackets that people used to wear, but snowshoes have gotten a lot better in recent times. They are smaller and made of aluminum, so waking to your destination is a lot easier than it used to be.

Now that you are bundled up all warm and toasty, you are going to need a way to get through the thick layer of ice that is keeping you from some frosty fish. There are a few different tools that you can use to accomplish this but the absolute best is a gas powered auger. All you need to do with this thing is to hang on and it will make quick work of ice of any thickness. You could also use a human powered ice auger or a simple hand saw, but that is not nearly as fun as revving up a giant drill and plunging into a frozen lake.

So your ice hole is made and you are warm a toasty in your winter clothes, but you are still going to have to be able to get those pesky critters out of the water and into the bucket beside you. To do this you are going to require a short rod to fish them out of here. Many ice anglers also use something called a tip up. This beauty of a device just sits there until it gets a bit on its string. The fish pulls on the string and a little flag pops up, letting you know that it is time to reel in your catch. It could not be any easier than that and you could also set up multiple lines at the same time.

The pieces of ice fishing gear that I discussed here are just the absolute basics that you need to pull fish out of an ice hole. There is a lot more that you can bring with you on your trip and if you check out some of the links on the right side of the page, you will be able to learn about everything from fishing buckets to luxury ice fishing houses.

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