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According to, ice fishing is defined as having sex with a very frigid woman.
They also describe ice fishing as the act of shopping for diamonds.
There are a few other definitions that I refuse to mention on this site. :)

Short Ice Fishing Rod
Ice Fishing For Sharks

Why should you never tell jokes while ice fishing?
    The ice might start to crack up.

Ice Fishing For Sharks
Ice Fishing For Sharks

What did one fish say to another while under the ice?
Sure is cold here...

Ya, I know that was the worst ice fishing joke that you have ever heard. Here are some better ones that might just tickle your funny bone.

So there was this beautiful blond girl that was reading about ice fishing and thought that it was a good idea to give it a try.
She gathered up all of the supplies that the needed and bundled up in some warm clothes and headed out onto ice.
As soon as she started the auger to get through the ice she heard a loud booming voice from above her.
"There are no fish under the ice!"
She was stunned, "God? Is that you?" She waited a while for a response and after she didn't get one, she started to drill through the ice again.
Once again she heard the voice. "There are no fish under the ice!"
And once again she said, "God? Is that you?"
This time she got a response.
"No, it's the ice rink manager."

And now for a completely different ice fishing joke...

A couple of friends decide to go ice fishing one day. After a few hours on the ice one guy is catching everything in sight while the other guy is barely getting a nibble.
The guy with no luck turns to his friend and says.
"Wow! You are just on fire today. What's your secret?"
To which the other guy says.
The lucky fisherman then spits a pile of worms into his hand and says.
"You've got to keep the bait warm."

Ice Fishing For Sharks
Ice Fishing Joke Cartoon
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