Ice Fishing Laws

To ice fish, or not to ice fish, why not find out if it even legal for you to go out on the lake at all.

Each State, Province and Territory all have very different laws when it comes to fishing. In most places, in order to go ice fishing you just need a regular fishing license. There are also different rules governing the size of the fish that you can keep and whether you can even keep your catch at all.

There are also very specific laws concerning fishing without a license if you are of native decent. The government classifies native people fishing as their way of life in some regions so they have not bothered to tax this activity the same way that they have for everyone else.

What I recommend is that you get yourself down to your local bait shop and start asking questions. Those guys in there will most likely be able to tell you everything that you are going to need about fishing laws. If you can not find out what you need to know from the bait shop, hopefully these links will be able to help you find out exactly what you need to know about your local ice fishing laws.

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