Ice Fishing Locations

If you are planning on venturing out onto the frozen water in search of some tasty fish. You are going to need to be sure that you know absolutely where you are going. My handy dandy little guide here is going to let you know about all of the best and the worst places to go ice fishing.

I recommend somewhere cold, but if you think you know better, than by all means, just go with what you know.

I will mostly be discussing North American locations to start with, but as this site get more and more build I will be working my way towards the adventurous ice fishing locations around the world such as the South Pole and even going ice fishing in Siberia.

The best locations are not ones that I recommend though. They are the places that you love and are familiar with. There may be a favorite pond that you grew up on, or perhaps you have found a little inlet on a hidden lake that no one except yourself and thousands of delicious fish know about. I am only able to tell you about the places that are widely known because I don't want to give away my secret spots, only to show up there with anglers crowding me out of the locations that I accidentally let slip.

If you are planning on doing some serious ice fishing though, you are going to have to make a trip to Canada. Not only are the people awesome, the fish are always biting and the water isn't poluted in the northernmost regions. This means that you can actually eat what you catch with out worrying about mercury poisoning.

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