Ice Fishing Safety

As you may be well aware, there are thousands of different ways that you can get hurt or even die. Ice fishing is no different from the rest of life, the chances for injury or death are there if you are not careful.

The most common thing good folks die from while out ice fishing is hypothermia. This occurs when you get far too cold and your body actually stops sending blood out to your limbs to keep its core warm. You are an extreme risk of hypothermia if you fall in the freezing cold water. If you do happen to take a dip while out on the ice, the best thing to do is to dry off immediately and get into some warm clothes.

A lot of anglers like to head out for days and even weeks during the ice fishing season. This can lead to a whole new set of problems that most people don't think about, infections. Lets just say that ice angler Bob is out for two weeks in the middle of nowhere, when on the very first day, he accidentally jabs himself with his favorite lure. This lure is old and has been sitting in a tackle box for the past nine months so it quickly creates an infection that wouldn't be a problem if it was treated quickly. Since ol' ice angler Bob is a tough guy he thinks it is fine and shrugs it off until he gets back to civilization, only to find out that the doctors are going to have to cut off his infected hand.

I hope that the somber tale of ice angler Bob helped you to realize just how dangerous ice fishing can be. I bet you never though of ice fishing as an extreme sport.

The last ice fishing safety tip that I have for you is to: CHECK THE ICE THICKNESS! Every year hundreds fall through the ice and every single year there is a fatality. It is a sad fact of life that people are reckless, but I guess it is just natures way of thinning out the herd.

The rules for ice thickness are as follows.

4 inches is safe to walk on.
6 inches is safe for snowmobiles.
8 inches is safe for cars and small trucks.
12 inches is safe for medium sized trucks.

I am trying to figure out an acronym to make that really easy to remember, once I do, you will be the first to hear about it so you can tell all of your buddies that you made it up.

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