Single Ice Fishing Shack at Harmony Bay

Ice fishing! What an excellent winter activity. There are many benefits that come from an interesting and unique hobby such as this one. First of all, your friends are going to look at you a little differently. It takes a special kind of person to enjoy spending hours out on a frozen lake, but what they don't know is that ice fishing is more like meditation than a strenuous sporting activity.

Many people take ice fishing very seriously though. Did you know that you can spend thousands of dollars to get yourself equipped properly. It might be extreme but i'm sure that some old bloke with too much money has taken his private helicopter out onto the ice to poke holes. Everyone else with too much cash just takes a snowmobile. I know that it seems like a rare scenario to take a helicopter, but the average cost of a good set of ice fishing gear is about one hundred dollars.

Unfortunately, ice fishing is only a winter sport, which means that unless you are willing to travel to the very, very far north or south, you are only going to be able to participate during the winter. I suppose that you could go find an indoor hockey arena and try your luck, just try to not get arrested for destroying the ice.

Canada is the place to be for some great ice fishing. Every year across the thousands of lakes, small shanty towns spring up and are filled with very cold but very happy anglers of all shapes and sizes. In some lakes, such as Lake Scugog these ice hut towns actually grow into decent sized cities. As winter approaches you can watch the towns gearing up for the onrush of frosty ice anglers that are preparing for another great season of ice fishing.

If you are an absolute beginner and have ever wondered about the ins and outs of fishing on ice, then this site is the place that you want to be. You are going to be able to find all of the ice fishing information that you will ever need to ensure that every trip onto the ice is safe, fun and successful.

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